6. As Materials for the Acquisition of Japanese or English

While I prepared the content for this website, I planned it so that it could become reading materials for students who are studying Japanese or English as a second language. As a language instructor, I taught English to high-schoolers in Japan, English as a Second Language in community colleges, and Japanese language classes at UC Davis after moving to the US. Learning a foreign language can be the gateway to learning new things. The more appropriate materials there are, the easier it is for students to grow more interest in the language and culture they are studying. Therefore, I prepared bilingual documents so that they can be used as materials for reading or practice for translation. For Japanese history majors in US graduate schools, students will be able to get basic knowledge of modern Japanese history, particularly the history of the Japanese interned in Siberia, all in English and at a quick glance. For anyone who is more interested, they can then go on to research books written in Japanese.

In the early stages of my research, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the late Mr. Hideo Aeba, who was the former director of the Japan Association of Forced Internees. I met him through late Prof. Yuko Kobayashi, my lifetime mentor from my days at Tokyo Women's Christian University Junior College at Mure campus. Out of the many valuable materials I received from him, "Long Way to Go Home" by Mr. Isamu Yoshida became my first core book on which to work. His “graphic photos” served as powerful and realistic visuals while learning what they really experienced. More books and articles have been forwarded from Mr. Kazunori Yoshida, the successor of Mr. Aeba after his passing. Without the strong guidance and support from them, I would not have been able to go on with this work.