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In this website, you will find historical facts relating to the tragedy of approximately 600,000 Japanese men and women who were interned in Siberia after WWll ended. The concentration camps they were taken to were not only in Siberia but in the vast areas in the Far Eastern Region of the Soviet Union, Ukraine, the Arctic, Central Asia and Mongolia. In the freezing weather, their lives were treated without dignity and they faced shockingly abrupt changes in their fates. However, this history is not well-known. This website was constructed both in English and Japanese in an attempt to provide an overview of what happened for the international reader.

War alters the destinies of many. Even though emotional wounds linger for a long time, learning what happened is a way to pay respect to those who suffered. 

In this section, I would like to present an outline of the history, why I chose this project and why it is important for me, and how this project has evolved. Please go on to the other tabs and find more detailed presentations.