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On the Hill in a Foreign Land  Tadashi Yoshida

“I had no choice when I wrote this song.  Selling records with it or having a wish

to entertain people was not on my mind at all.   It was not my own thoughts,

but the thoughts of my comrades who were in a foreign land like me on the same

day during the same period compelled me to write it.  Therefore, I am not sure if

I can keep my composure as I sing this song, but I will try my best to sing it for you.” 

Tadashi Yoshida


Tadashi Yoshida    On the Hill in a Foreign Land   1975


“While singing this song, I think about many of my friends who fell down and

died on the hill of a foreign land.  Sadness takes over and makes it so difficult

to continue singing.  Nevertheless, as long as I am given this second life,

I would liketo keep on singing the joy of living.”  

Tadashi Yoshida