2. Lyrics

Your mother is here.  She came here to this wharf again today.

Knowing that my wish would never reach you, I thought just in case, just in case

I might be able to find you here today…..



“Another evacuation ship came back again, but my son was not there again.

Can’t he see my image that is standing at this wharf, waiting for him?

The name of this port means ‘the crane that flies up.’  And why can’t you fly back to me yourself?

If you can’t come back, at least, at least you can call me in a loud voice… ”


Would you please call my name?  I pray. Please tell me, “Oh, Mom!  Is that you?

You have come to see me from so far away!!”  

It is said the ocean and a mountain will create a long distance, but nothing can be far,

nothing can be far for a mother and a child.



“It has been ten years since I saw him last.  

What is my son doing?  I want to hold him as tightly as I can to make his body warm,

telling him Siberia must have been so cold with snow and wind,

and he must have suffered so much there…”


I have continued to pray this dearest wish for the past ten years.  

More than the flowing clouds or blowing winds, only God knows what it has been like.

Oh, my adverse destiny… I stand here with my cane with my adverse destiny.



“Oh wind, if you are kind,  please let my son know.

Please tell him the image of his mother who stands on the cliff raging waves are smashing.

She is here again today, waiting for the beloved dear child to come home."