2. About the song, “On the Hill in a Foreign Land”

It is a Japanese popular song sung among the Siberian detainees.

A movie with the same title and   motif was also filmed and shown in 1949.

As for the song, the lyricist was Koji Masuda. Takao   Saeki also participated to

make the final version. The composer was Tadashi Yoshida. Tadashi Yoshida was in

Manchuria (currently Northern China) as a private first-class in 1943. The tune of a

song he wrote to encourage his fellow soldiers to inspire them during that time was

the impetus for   this song. It was sung among former soldiers who were interned in

Siberia, and then Koji Masuda, who was also one of the detainees, wrote the lyrics.

The song shows the deep desire for going home. The title of the song was originally

“Today and Yesterday.” Kozo Nakamura, one of the soldiers  who made it back from

Siberia sang it on the “NHK Amateur Singers’ Competition,” the   long-standing Japanese

Broadcasting TV show, and made the song famous in Japan. Many singers such as

Koichi Miura, Koji Tsuruta, and Hibari Misora have been singing this since then.